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190 Seafort Boulevard, Hellshire, Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica


“This place is worth 7 stars if there was such. Calm & relaxing overall. I'm returning!"

– Monchaze Williams


“Loved this place. No one forces you to buy anything, and they take credit cards... just nice and relaxing. When I am in Jamaica, I spend my down time at Waves.”

–  Keyser Söze


“The maddest steam fish nuff fun and entertainment."

– Shortylee Foster



Customer Raves

Waves Beach is operated by brother and sister team, Dougie and Lisa, born and raised in the same parish of St. Catherine

A breathtaking venue, Waves Beach is located approximately six miles from the city centre of Portmore, and 0.5 kilometres (0.31 miles) from the Hellshire main road.  The restaurant sits on the beach and serves up a wide variety of seafood dishes to suit all tastes.  To the side of the restaurant is the bar, fully stocked, with cable tv.  Wireless access is also available to patrons

A popular destination for Jamaicans and tourists alike, Waves Beach is host to a multitude of major entertainment events, parties and family fun days throughout the year.

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